Mr. Choi Kitchen - Robinsons Magnolia

Had lunch at Mr. Choi after attending Palm Sunday mass. we had an early lunch so there are still lots of seats that time. The waiter was friendly and since the menu was typical to chinese restaurants (lots of food you'll never know where to start), we opted out for what we usually eat, fried chicken for the kids, sweet and sour fish for hubby, but for me, I miss eating congee so I ordered one with the century egg and meat.

spinach soup Mr. Choi Kitchen
Buttered Chicken - Mr. Choi Kitchen

Mr. Choi's congee is a little bit bland than I expected. I still have to flavor it with patis and kalamansi but the meat was good. The bowl of congee was huge, perfect for sharing. The spinach soup on the other hand was also perfectly served, hot and full of little shrimp and tofu. The fried chicken looks plenty but when you eat them, they are full of little bones. And I didn't like the flavor of the chicken. Fortunately, my kids will eat as long it's chicken.

Sweet and Sour Fish - Mr. Choi Kitchen

The sweet and sour fish was good too, but for hubby, it was a little sour for him. Love the desserts. All in all, I was satisfied with what we ate so I am giving it a four, for the good service, food was filling and the experience, although a little bit simple, was good enough for our little family to enjoy the lunch.