Café Via Mare - Trinoma Mall

We've always seen Cafe Via Mare inside Landmark in Trinoma and so one Sunday, after attending Sunday Mass and all restaurants outside were filled up, we decided to try this restaurant. Serving time seemed too long for comfort to think that there weren't so many people that time.

We ordered Enseladang Bagnet, Tortang Alimasag and for soup we tried the Pancit Molo Soup. The taste of the food were clean and seems like you ate at home. For these orders, I wasn't quite impressed maybe because I got high expectations. We love Bagnet but the one we ordered wasn't that crispy.

 Café Via Mare - Enseladang Bagnet

 Café Via Mare - Tortang Alimango or Crab Omelet
 Café Via Mare - Pancit Molo Soup

Cafe Via Mare is popular for their Filipino merienda so I guess I'll still come back to have a taste of these.

Location: Second Floor, Trinoma Mall, Inside The Landmark Department Store, North Triangle, Quezon City