Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Trinoma

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is a perfect stop for families who like to spend some time feeling like "cupcakes and tea". The place looks like a setting from a movie or a glossy magazine about French homes, pearls and plush sofa. They have plenty of huge sofa fit for a queen or a king. The moms and the kids will have a great time looking at the walls, the colors, the chandeliers, and the photo frames with inspirational messages.

Our last visit was when we stopped for some quick bites while waiting for my daughter who was in a review school. We were just lucky that there several vacant seats when we went there. I thought this place will also be good when I want to work sometimes out of our home. The place is peaceful and relaxing and the lighting is just enough not to make you feel sleepy.

We ordered a choco lava cupcake for my daughter, a croquette madam which the 3 of us shared together, a guava juice, and coffee mocha.

Choco lava cupcake is a simple cupcake for me, but the excitement is that the chocolate is somewhat gooey and dripping. That’s what kids like.

The croquette madam is a delicious sunny side up egg over a slice of bread with a generous layer of cheesy sauce. 

Their guava juice tastes nice and the guava flavor is not too strong and not too sweet.

Wasn’t able to taste the coffee mocha which hubby ordered since I’m more of a latte drinker.

Watch our Video on our last visit to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery Trinoma

Overall, the experience was so nice we are definitely coming back in the near future. The only thing which will matter will be the budget. Their cupcakes I think are a bit expensive compared to those from other cupcake stores, but of course, we are paying for the ambiance and the experience.  

Summer Is The Best Season Ever

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Café Via Mare - Trinoma Mall

We've always seen Cafe Via Mare inside Landmark in Trinoma and so one Sunday, after attending Sunday Mass and all restaurants outside were filled up, we decided to try this restaurant. Serving time seemed too long for comfort to think that there weren't so many people that time.

We ordered Enseladang Bagnet, Tortang Alimasag and for soup we tried the Pancit Molo Soup. The taste of the food were clean and seems like you ate at home. For these orders, I wasn't quite impressed maybe because I got high expectations. We love Bagnet but the one we ordered wasn't that crispy.

 Café Via Mare - Enseladang Bagnet

 Café Via Mare - Tortang Alimango or Crab Omelet
 Café Via Mare - Pancit Molo Soup

Cafe Via Mare is popular for their Filipino merienda so I guess I'll still come back to have a taste of these.

Location: Second Floor, Trinoma Mall, Inside The Landmark Department Store, North Triangle, Quezon City

Mr. Choi Kitchen - Robinsons Magnolia

Had lunch at Mr. Choi after attending Palm Sunday mass. we had an early lunch so there are still lots of seats that time. The waiter was friendly and since the menu was typical to chinese restaurants (lots of food you'll never know where to start), we opted out for what we usually eat, fried chicken for the kids, sweet and sour fish for hubby, but for me, I miss eating congee so I ordered one with the century egg and meat.

spinach soup Mr. Choi Kitchen
Buttered Chicken - Mr. Choi Kitchen

Mr. Choi's congee is a little bit bland than I expected. I still have to flavor it with patis and kalamansi but the meat was good. The bowl of congee was huge, perfect for sharing. The spinach soup on the other hand was also perfectly served, hot and full of little shrimp and tofu. The fried chicken looks plenty but when you eat them, they are full of little bones. And I didn't like the flavor of the chicken. Fortunately, my kids will eat as long it's chicken.

Sweet and Sour Fish - Mr. Choi Kitchen

The sweet and sour fish was good too, but for hubby, it was a little sour for him. Love the desserts. All in all, I was satisfied with what we ate so I am giving it a four, for the good service, food was filling and the experience, although a little bit simple, was good enough for our little family to enjoy the lunch.

The French Baker - SM Fairview

soup in a bowl - The French Baker

 The French Baker has just been recently renovated. Before, their dine in area was open but now, they've enclosed and separated the space with glass walls. It's nice because it increased privacy. They've also added new and bigger seats which makes dining more intimate. I love TFB's pasta and of course their bread. Their soup in a bowl is their trademark soup, and sometimes, we go here just to have some quick coffee. Their ice cream and shakes are also delicious.

brewed coffee with a brownie - The French Baker